Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weather, weather, weather....

I'm so ready for spring I can taste. It's so close....the crocus' are starting to bloom. But today is a great example of German weather. It started out cloudy - not raining - just cloudy. Then there was a bit of a break in the clouds and the sun shone through for a bit. While the kids were at their lunch recess, a freak cloud burst happened and it started to pour - all the while you could still see blue skies and the sun. Then it stopped and the sun shone once more. The same thing happened at the kid's last recess. As they were coming in, another raincloud burst upon them! It was so crazy!

As I came home from the store the sun was out and there was a pretty blue sky with a few clouds scattered here and there. As the sun set, though, the clouds start to come together....I'm sure there will be another bit of raining tonight!

I'm done with the crazy German weather. I would like to be in the desert right now where the sun shines all the time and the sky is more or less empty of clouds! That would be fabulous....I guess I just need to wait a few more months for that one to happen, though, won't I?

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