Saturday, March 13, 2010

Query Letter Progress query letter I sent out about my story got the "NO" reply. But I wasn't too surprised as I wasn't really sure that Lit. Agent really took Children's didn't say she didn't take 'em so I thought, "what the heck?" The one place that had asked for my story...well, after researching that company a bit further I have come to the conclusion that it's not the place for me. They send out form letters ONLY...nothing personalized to you or your story. AND they want you to find an editor and a have critique done to your story before they'll ask publishers to look at it....kinda wacky if you ask me! I thought that puplishers had their own editors and the agent was the critique of the story. So...needless to say, even though they "want to move forward" on my story, I don't want to move forward on them. FYI the company is called WL Children's Agency....although they do go by a few different names. It's all a little crazy. Plus...they don't have an address or phone # contact. They don't share the author's they've helped to's all a little odd.

I've been onto quite a few different Lit. Agent's sites and they all (well, I suppose the legit ones) show the author's that they've published. They also have a phone# and address attached to their site.

It was just a tad too shady and after the research...even more shady. So...I'm doing it the hard way (which is probably the only way there is) and sending out the query letters to lit. agents and hoping beyond hope they like what they read. I have a few weeks (like 5 more) to wait and see if I hear back from one place....if I don't by that time, then it's another no go. But...that's ok. It takes a lot of "no's" to make a writer appreciate it more when the "yes" comes, right??!!

Also...still waiting on job offers! I sent out an app to a school in Greece. It's a British School so they will give preference to Brit teachers, but....I may make their shortlist. That would be great because if that happens, then they would fly me to Athens (at their expense) to do a lesson and interview. I think if they gave me a shot they may just like having me on their staff! We'll see though. I could hear this coming week one way or the other from them. Fingers crossed and a few prayers sent up that I've got what it takes to be apart of their staff!

Well, off for a walk this morning...maybe, If I can get myself up and out the door. I am meeting a friend for lunch later and I'd like to feel like I've done something somewhat productive before that. Plus I'd like to get my house a bit parents are coming for a visit this week. They'll be here either tomorrow or Monday. Either way, I need to clean! If I can get it all done today then I don't have to do much tomorrow! Too many things to do!

Ok...I'm. Going. For. That. Walk. Have a fab Saturday everyone!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Query Letters

Yikes! So....sent off a few more query letters to a few literary agents. So can't believe that I've actually done this. Something must be up to make me take that step. I guess it was time!

I hope to hear from them. I guess we'll see though. Their websites claim it could take a few weeks and after so many....then it was probably a no go. The one place I sent off my manuscript to...well...after doing some research I have found that it isn't the most reputable place. They will begin to ask for money. I haven't had that communication from them yet...but I've read that it will come. Plus some of the folks claim to have sent them encrypted manuscripts and had an offer to publish their the heck can that be if they couldn't read it??? So bizarre. So I guess I'm going the long route.

If it's too good to be true then it probably is! *sigh* That's ok. I think I'd rather have someone in my corner who has read my work and thinks it has potential than someone who just wants my money! I want to make money, not spend it!