Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Breakin' up is hard to do

Yep, so my long time guy and I called it quits last weekend. I wanted more than he could give me. We both still care for each other (which makes it harder)'s done. I am good during the day, it's the nighttime that sucks!

I'm writing down a little bit of a memoir-ish type story of our relationship. I think that will help me get all my feelings out - good, bad, and indifferent. Perhaps the ending isn't all bad or sad. Perhaps it's a blessing. We will remain friends, E and I. But I will always love him!

Ok...I just want to avoid going to bed nowadays! I get to my room and the tears almost come automatically! But last night was the first night I didn't call, text, or email him. I think that was progress. And so far today I'm doing well. Maybe if I can keep it up for a few days in a row, then we can have a conversation again...just to see how life is going for the other.

Breaking up sucks! And especially with someone that you saw a full and happy future with!