Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rough days

Lemonade from lemons?? Man, it is soooo very hard to make! I have had a hard few days. Friends. Family. Too many changes that I'm not ok with personally. Perhaps, though, I don't have to be ok with them. I guess I don't have to be. I just have to learn through them.

What is the reason for things going badly? What is the reason for things going well? I think that I can get through this. I think that I can muster through the tough times and when I get to the other side, I will be stronger for it all!

I don't normally witness on here, but...God is working through my heart. I can feel Him and I can tell that He is with me. I know that all will be ok as long as I have God with me!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I used to think I would want twins...not so much anymore. I have started to nanny for a family with nine month old twin boys on the weekends! They are full of energy and they don't tend to take their naps at the same time! So...there really is no down time.

I don't know how the mom does it! I think I want to start with one kid and we'll see if the little guy/gal gets a brother or sister...of couse, I would have to find me that special someone who is willing to give me a pretty ring, first, and then say, "I do" next. It's gotta go in the right order!!!

I'm enjoying the little guys a bunch...I'm just tired after only two days with them. I'm sure as the summer goes on it'll become a bit easier and bit less tiring?! Yeah...hopeful thinking, I know!