Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Patience...not my virtue

So I've been sitting on my couch this evening looking for job postings at international schools and in So. Cal. A few possibilities...

I sent an email to the school in DC to say, "Remember me!!!" and "I enjoyed speaking with you during our interview." The Asst. principal responded today with a "I enjoyed speaking with you, too. I'll let you know if there's something else we may need for your file." It sounds all positive. But then I start to think about each word and sentence and what her mood may have been when she wrote it. Was she really feeling positive and happy about our conversation? Or did she just take 2 seconds to write a response to me? At first glance I was feeling positive about it and happy for the response. And now....I'm second, triple, and quadruple guessing my first thought.
When will it end???

Where I know that I will end up where I'm supposed to end up...I cannot help but want that process to hurry itself up a bit...well, A LOT! I'm not a patient person, you see!

Anyway...The more I look at the school in DC, the more I feel it might be a good move. I just hope that the administration at the school feels like I would be a good cadidate for them! I've never been to DC and I've never really spent much time on the East Coast - only a week in Boston - and I'd like to see that side of the country....so, patience needs to be a viture I am searchng for! It's a hard one to come by...

Stay tuned for more news on the job front....hopefully something will be coming of all the resumes and applications that have been sent out soon.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tired eyes

Yep, been looking on the internet for the past two days...searching for a job. Man I love searching for new jobs! NOT! But it's a fact of life and very much a reality for me at the moment.

Eventually I hope that I will land a good teaching gig somewhere! And by eventually, I really mean, SOON! I sent out loads of resume's yesterday! And all over the world. Yikes! Didn't really want to go to another overseas gig so soon, but....it may just be what I have to do in order to get a paying job....we will see!

Don't even know why I'm still on the computer....the eyes hurt and so does my head. it's time to just lay down and chill for the evening...

However, I want to make a phone call first....We'll see how the evening ends up....hopefully the morning goes well. At least it's only a 4-day work week! Woohoo!!!! Gotta love that!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

No Go....

So I had had an interview at my old school....it was a longshot as it was for a position I'm not completely qualified for, but....worth a try nonetheless. I didn't get the position and I'm bummed about that. I was hoping, even though I knew I probably wouldn't get it. Ugh! I did have another interview with a school way across the country, and we'll see about that one!

I'm searching for more international schools just in case I can't find a job back in the states....boy is this frustrating! Interviwing and all is not fun...

Ok, wish me luck for future interviews, and a hopeful job offer to come my way soon!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Writing Prompt

So I have a few frustrations to vent, but I'll do that later....first I'll give this writing prompt a go from MamaKat:
3.) Why won't you forget? List six true sentences that begin with the words 'I'll never forget...' Then use all six of your sentences in a paragraph, poem, or longer descriptive piece.(writingfix.com)

1. I'll never forget playing in the waves as a kid on the Oregon Coast.
2. I'll never forget meeting Eric.
3. I'll never forget the fear and excitment of moving to Germany.
4. I'll never forget the friends that have made it into my heart.
5. I'll never forget the first time I saw the Eiffel Tower.
6. I'll never forget my trip through France with Eric.

Never Forgetting...
Of all the things I'll never forget
These are some of the top
Playing in waves
on the coast of Oregon
Was always truly fun.
France is great
I love that place,
The tower by Eiffel
Seemed surreal
Traveling with Eric was
Equally surreal,
But, fun and cool
All the same.
Remembering the moment
Eric and I met,
Brings a smile to my face.
The same thing happens
When thinking about
All the friends that I have made.
They will be in my heart
For such a long time!
Taking chances and
Moving to Germany
Was a hard and
Scary thing;
However, I am
Glad that I did it,
And wouldn't change a thing!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Interview over

Well, so that wasn't too bad. It was nothing even remotely like the last time I interviewed for this school. I guess it does pay to be a known entity sometimes....We'll see. I think I did ok with my answers to the questions. It's so hard to do this over the phone. It's always easier to see everyone and gauge their reactions. I have to wait a week and then phone back and see what the status is on me. We'll see.

Good thing I have another interview set up for a school in Wash. D.C. We'll see about that one, too!

I'm still a little shaky, but....I hope that it wasn't too bad. I guess I'll find out from Andee, at least, how she felt it went.

Fingers crossed this works. I loved that school and I would really love to be back there. It was a great atmosphere and it would be wonderful to see and work with those people again.

Here's hoping!

Interview time

So, I have my first interview tonight...I'm nervous. It's for a school I worked at before, but that doesn't mean I'm in yet. It's for a different type of position so....I just hope that it all goes well.

I've been trying to do some research and think of things that can help me, but...until I actually get into the interview and start talking with everyone....I won't know. OY VAY!!!

I. AM. NERVOUS. The butterflies are starting in the tummy....wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Remnants of the wall...

I was in Berlin this weekend with my parents. It was very interesting. My first time over there. We got to see a portion of the wall that is still standing. Most of the graffiti is gone from this section but you can still see some of it.

Since this is the 20th year since the fall of the wall there were other more well preserved pieced of the wall on display. It's quite amazing what was done with that wall. 150km around the city. And to keep people from escaping through the river which runs through the city, they put this spikey metal fencing in the water that would tear someone up if they jumped in. ugh! What a load of crap.

The one semi-nice thing that we read was that guards wouldn't shot directly AT someone trying to jump the wall. They didn't necessarily believe there should be a wall...

So...what a bit of culture this weekend. It definitely makes you think. And I'm happy that I didn't grow up in a city or country that did that. I feel bad for the Germans that had to live separated from family. Or that died trying to get to the West side.
Food for thought....what would you do if you found yourself in a situation where a wall was put up to keep you from going from one place to the next?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why did I do it?

Why did I do it? Why did I leave the states and come to Germany? I don't know, I guess it was because I was ready for a change. I guess it was because I was ready to have an adventure. Why did I go to a country that speaks a language I knew nothing about? I guess it was mostly because they offered me a job.

Why did I leave the desert, where the sun shines pretty much 365 days a year to come a country where it rains tons and the clouds make it gloomy most of the time? I suppose it was for a completely new way of life. I've enjoyed it, don't get me wrong. Well....not all the rain or cloud cover, but the days that the sun comes out are precious! I definitely love those!

Now....why am I leaving a job to come back to the states where I don't know if I'll have a job? Huh? Good question. It started out because I was ready to come home and be closer to family a friends for at least a year (a sort of coming back to the basics kind of year), but now I'm starting to become nervous about finding job.

I did it, and I don't regret any of it. I'm a changed person because of it!