Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Perspective

So, I've been reflecting and thinking and reflecting some more...yes, I know those mean the same thing (basically). All last year I was trying my darndest to find a teaching job that was perfect for me. I tried looking overseas again. I tried looking in California. I tried going for jobs that weren't in the education field. Nothing seemed to work. I had offers to teach in some places...but those positions weren't right for me.

I ended up getting a long-term subbing job for a friend. It's turning into a fairly LONG term thing - not sure when it'll end at this point. I realized that all my prayers for me to have a full-time job and to be where God wants me to be have actually been answered. I am supposed to be HERE. I am teaching FULL-TIME. It may not be in the manner I wanted, but it's the manner in which God wants for me.

I am blessed and I am happy about it. I Love that I realized this. It makes me grateful beyond belief. And it makes me understand things in a new way. As Luci Swindoll said (paraphrased by me) at the recent Women of Faith conference I went to, "Don't wish for Fall when it Summer, or Winter when it's Fall, or Spring when it's Winter, or Summer when it's Spring...enjoy the moment you're in." I'm learning to enjoy the moment I'm in and not wish for something different.