Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Interview over

Well, so that wasn't too bad. It was nothing even remotely like the last time I interviewed for this school. I guess it does pay to be a known entity sometimes....We'll see. I think I did ok with my answers to the questions. It's so hard to do this over the phone. It's always easier to see everyone and gauge their reactions. I have to wait a week and then phone back and see what the status is on me. We'll see.

Good thing I have another interview set up for a school in Wash. D.C. We'll see about that one, too!

I'm still a little shaky, but....I hope that it wasn't too bad. I guess I'll find out from Andee, at least, how she felt it went.

Fingers crossed this works. I loved that school and I would really love to be back there. It was a great atmosphere and it would be wonderful to see and work with those people again.

Here's hoping!

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