Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Patience...not my virtue

So I've been sitting on my couch this evening looking for job postings at international schools and in So. Cal. A few possibilities...

I sent an email to the school in DC to say, "Remember me!!!" and "I enjoyed speaking with you during our interview." The Asst. principal responded today with a "I enjoyed speaking with you, too. I'll let you know if there's something else we may need for your file." It sounds all positive. But then I start to think about each word and sentence and what her mood may have been when she wrote it. Was she really feeling positive and happy about our conversation? Or did she just take 2 seconds to write a response to me? At first glance I was feeling positive about it and happy for the response. And now....I'm second, triple, and quadruple guessing my first thought.
When will it end???

Where I know that I will end up where I'm supposed to end up...I cannot help but want that process to hurry itself up a bit...well, A LOT! I'm not a patient person, you see!

Anyway...The more I look at the school in DC, the more I feel it might be a good move. I just hope that the administration at the school feels like I would be a good cadidate for them! I've never been to DC and I've never really spent much time on the East Coast - only a week in Boston - and I'd like to see that side of the country....so, patience needs to be a viture I am searchng for! It's a hard one to come by...

Stay tuned for more news on the job front....hopefully something will be coming of all the resumes and applications that have been sent out soon.

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  1. Oh good luck! That is quite a process. Something will work out, and when it does, you will know it. But you're adventurous, so you already know all this that I am saying. :) Love the image of laundry drying in the sun on the balcony .... mostly because I love ANY image involving the sun at the moment .... it is SPRING in Seattle after all. Which mostly means torrential downpours!