Friday, May 1, 2009

Writing prompt time...again

Although the prompt said to write about a recent email exchange...I'm changing it to a recent IM exchange I had with a friend. I think I do more IMing now...I love Skype. Totally has helped me stay in contact with friends and family (and for free - with most of my friends and fam - which is fab-u-lous!) Here it is, my IM with a friend of mine who is in Vietnam.

Her: Hey! How's it going?

Me: Hey you! I'm ok...didn't get the job at Marywood, so a bit bummed, but it was a longshot! How are you?

Her: Aw, I'm sorry, that sucks. I'm good.

Me: Yeah, well, they went with a computer teacher...

Her: I'm actually doing a bunch of applying this smumputer

Me: That's all I did yesterday...I sat in front of the computer and looked at job openings. Ugh! I saw that there are a few in Ho Chi Mihn City. Maybe you should stay!!

Her: yeah, ugh! Nope, not staying! I wanna go home.

Me: I hear that...but I'm thinking I'd need a job more than I need to be home...we'll see, we'll see. Any other interviews for ya?

Her: Yeah, I think I'm in the opposite position, I need to be home more than I need a job. I can always sub. No other interviews.

Me: Did you hear back from the schools you sent your video to? And yep...subbing is always an option...if I really feel the need to be home, then...I'll do that.

Her: Nope, they said they would send them to the principals, and "let me know"

Me: Ugh!

Her: Yup

Me: Perhaps a little reminder that you're still interested is necessary. I had my interview with the school in DC last Monday...went well. Said they were in the middle of interviews though...but gonna send a little reminder about who I am tomorrow and say that I'm still interested in their school...We'll see. I hate searching for jobs!

Her: Well that's good hopefully that will work out for you. Yeah, the job search sucks. I think I will send them a reminder today.

Me: Good girl!!!

Her: On a lighter note I actually went out drinking last night!

Me: Yeah, if it wasn't for my bloody condo...I'd be ok with going to a few other areas.... Drinking? You? Wow! Hope you didn't wake up with a huge hangover!

Her: No, I didn't do the excessive drinking, I still don't trust everyone you know to be that out of control but I was good and drunk. It was great.

Me: Good for you! Always nice to have a night to social and drink. Fri we went to a friends house for a BBQ and had wine, or mojitos, margaritas. It was fab.

Her: Yeah I had a good time. I hung out with a bunch of Vietnamese, Korean, English, Australian, Irish and a New Yorker, fantastic!

Me: I bet that was great fun! What day do you fly back home again? It's in June, right?

Her: June 14th

Me: I'm a month behind ya. July 16.

Her: I'll be in LA at 10:05 am on the 14th, Sunday...oh wow

Me: Boy will you be nice and tired! I get into PS at like 6 pm. But I stop in Chicago and then again in Phoenix. Ugh!

Her: How long are you staying in Ireland? 2 stopovers huh?

Me: Not sure yet. Prob somewhere between 7 and 10 days. Esp if I'm on my own...I think that will be enough. You should come!!! That would be fun!

Her: Yeah, I think so. I leave for Kuala Lumpur on Thursday....come to Ireland?!

Me: Yes!

Her: or to the airport?

Me: Ireland babe! I'm looking at a school that has an opening in Kuala Lumpur!

Her: Huh, now I have to look up ticket prices and put off applications... Oh really? I'll let you know how it is.

Me: Oops..sorry!

Her: (Of course)

Me: Anything to be distracted right? I didn't do any cleaning yesterday...although that was my hope....and it's not looking good today...

Her: Pretty much. I got a pedicure this know because I had to have why are you applying for the job in DC not in Northern Ca?

Me: But I must...our relocation person is coming to check out my apt. to see if she'd be willing to get someone into it for next must be clean by Tue. Don't was an int'l school and the east coast would be interesting. I've applied to lots of jobs in Vermont, too.

Her: Huh, that's cool.

Me: Yeah....I miss our pedi and mani days...They're not the same cool foot baths and massaging chairs.

Her: Yeah, same massage chair but it was nice. I got a mani pedi (a nice one) for $10. That's the nice thing.

Me: Wow!!! $10....amazing...Have you been able to save a bunch? Can I be nosy and ask what you take home each month?

Her: Yeah, I save a good amount. I bring home $2100. I get $2400 each month with my housing allowance.

Me: Nice! I think I might need to go to Asia just to afford to keep my condo! Europe is great...I love it....but it's not a place to teach if you want to save money!

Her: For example this month...I bought my plane ticket home, my plane and hotel for Malaysia, paid rent, bought shoes, clothes, drinks and every other thing I wanted including expensive coffee and food and I am still managing to save $800. yeah, Asia is totally the place to save.

Me: Wow!! That's amazing...nice for being able to enjoy the finer things in life, huh? Like manis and pedis!

Her: Well, "finer" on a busy dirty street and miserably hot places! Such a dichotomy. Well yes I do like the mani's and pedi's.

Me: Funny girl! understood what I meant.

There's a bit just goes on a bit more and then a few British terms get thrown in there. I love that I use "bloody" in normal conversation, as well as "bugger" (although that's a really horrible term!) Hope you were able to follow the conversation I had with my's so much easier when you're in the IM moment....

Happy May Day!

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