Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wed. Writing prompt Day

Yep, it's writing prompt time again....I found this one particularly interesting from MamaKat.

1.) Define anger using pictures you've taken.

So, I think I'll go backwards....never good to end with anger:

So this guy was at the Temple Philae in Egypt. He doesn't look so happy as he has tumbled down from his original spot and just in general...he looks a bit angered about something. Sometimes I wish the tour I had been on wasn't in German...I might have picked up a bit more information...although I don't think our guide actually talked about this fella.

For sorrow:

The birdie sitting there, as the snow tumbles down, seemed a ton sad. It was spring, last year, and we had had tons of sun and the flowers had bloomed, and then....BAM! The snow started to fall again. This young feller was trying to stay out of the major snowfall!

As for joy:

Hanging with good friends just brings me tons of joy! Especially since I'm so far away from my adopted family of friends help with tough times!

And last but not least, goodness:

When you get the chance to sit on the beach on your birthday on a beautiful island in Greece...that is complete goodness. You can tell just how happy and relaxed I was feeling then...and that's without liquid nourishment. That came later that evening!

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