Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fest time....

I love that Germany has so many fests....any excuse for a bratwurst and some alcohol! It's fabulous. My little village is having it's Apple Bloom (Appelblutte) Fest this weekend. Now, this village is quite sleepy all throughout the year...I kind of like that....and this weekend it comes ALIVE!!! It's see so many people out and about. People open up their courtyards and have drinks and food in's quite nice.

A few of us went down last night to enjoy some drinks and good company. They have this Eierliquor (Egg liquor - I know it sounds disgusting, but it's not) that they pour into a chocolate dipped shot glass cone - you know, so you can eat the glass after drinking your's amazing. It's not something I'd ever drink at any other time, I don't think, but....all the same, it's great - I think the chocolate helps that!

I'm not doing too shabby this morning either. A bit of a headache, but I am feeling good. Will probably head down again tonight for some goodies just because this village is hopping for the weekend!

It's so enjoyable to be in a country that uses any excuse to have a weekend of eating and drinking...the apple trees are in bloom, the early wine is ready, the onions have been get the picture! It's endless!

I'll cheers to you all while I'm enjoying my splash of wine, or eierliquor, or sekt, or whatever else I might decide to enjoy!

Happy weekend!

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