Monday, May 25, 2009


Waiting and being patient is difficult for me. So are many other things, but waiting is really hard. I am currently waiting for a girl to come and stay with me for 2 nights. I don't know her. She's going to be teaching at my school next year and is checking it out a bit. She didn't want to get a hotel room, and so I offered my place.

Our HR person is supposed to have brought her to my friends apt that she's going to be talked into taking over and then over here by 7:00 I thought. But it's now 8:00 and I haven't heard anything about where they are or anything. I'm hoping that by now, they've made it to my friend's house.

Anyway....another beautiful day in Naurod! And HOT! I can't believe that we went from 5 cold months to a pretty much 90 degree day. And in a school with no AC. Ugh! My classroom faces the afternoon sun and that whole wall is a wall of windows. Where that is a very good thing when it is winter, it is not so much fun in the summer. I had no lights on, the shades were down, the fan was blowing, didn't help much with the coolness factor.
Don't get me wrong....I enjoyed the fact that it was nice and all, I'm just not prepared when there's no AC! Especially after going from needed jackets one day to needing to be in a tank top the next.

Ok, still waiting....I'll try to be patient, but it's going to start getting really bad here soon! I like to be in the know, and I'm not in the know at the moment. Where was the phone call to say, "hey, sorry, but we're running late. We'll be there around 9:00."

*photo is from when I was first moving into my classroom so it's a bit of a shambles....

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  1. I love all those windows but I can understand where that would get horribly hot on a 90 degree day! Hope everyone made it to you safely!