Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beautiful Weekend

Yep, so I met my goal of finishing up all my report cards this weekend. Boy is that a relief! I cannot believe that I'm done, though. It'll be amazing, if tomorrow, when I read them over, they sound alright. It has been a nice long weekend over here. 4 days away from school! Yippeee!!! I love my students, I really, do, but I'm ready to be done with the school year already!

The weather was amazing! It's been sunny and warm. I just sat out on my balcony for about an hour, reading, listening to music, and just enjoying the warmth of the sun as I closed my eyes for a bit. RE-LAX-ING!

So, now, it's Sunday evening (early yet, still) but evening nonetheless. I'm dreading heading into work tomorrow. Don't wanna go! If I could get away with calling in sick, I probably would. But it's far easier to suffer through the day than come up with sub plans!

Alright, here are a list of things I'm grateful for today (it's much needed after last weekend's plight!):

1. Blue skys and singing birds.
2. Friends who call to check up on you and make sure you're doing alright.
3. A clean kitchen - it took me a few hours to actually complete it today, but it's done and I'm happy about that!
4. The sunshine! Germany sure is pretty when the sun comes out!
5. The discovery of new music. I had been watching some "Ghost Whisperer" episodes and liked a few of the songs, and found out who sang them. The Script will be my new obsession. They're a band out of Ireland. Good sound!
6. Having someone else make dinner for me, and hearing her kids in the background get excited that I was invited blessed do I feel that I'm wanted company!

Ok, so six isn't so bad for today...Oh, and I must welcome Trudy....thanks for being my first exciting is that!

To all those stateside this weekend, enjoy your Memorial Day tomorrow. Be safe and all!

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