Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Up for consideration...

As I am going through my job search methods....which is looking each and everyday on the internet at various job searching sites for teachers, I have now found myself considering Asia as a place to work and live....I've never had an inkling, really, to go to Asia, and yet, I may be given the opportunity to interview with a school there....although that isn't a fact quite yet.

I had sent a query into an international school in Kuala Lumpur and they responded with a "please send your resume and letters of recommendation for review." This definitely pleased me! I was like - YEAH!!! AWESOME!!! But at the same time, I'm thinking, OH MY GOD!! Where might I end up? The school itself looks AMAZING and I think it would be another fabulous experience. I'm just not sure I'm ready to go to another spot.

I have people, specific people, that I was hoping to go back home to, and now....I may not be given the opportunity to go back home. But I suppose if I'm meant to be off somewhere in Asia, then I should take that opportunity and consider it a blessing that I'll be given a job! Plus, one never knows what is around the corner waiting for them.

Maybe I'll meet the most fantastic man ever over there or wherever and that will be it! Maybe I won't, but who can ever tell?

Sooooo, considering that I don't have a job to home to, and yet I'm going home....I suppose that I should be happy that they contacted me based on the form they ask prospective teachers to fill out. As they wouldn't have contacted me unless they found my information interesting, right? Or was I one of only a few who actually noticed they had an opening? In any case....good things will come my way - they will, they will, they will!

I think I need to make sure that I start believing this!

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