Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My summer vacation plans (Writing Prompt)

This summer I've planned to go and hit my last "must see" country before I head back to the states or wherever the wind is going to blow me....I'm heading to Ireland.

Now, I don't have my plane ticket yet, but that's only because I'm not exactly sure of the day I want to arrive and all. Plus I have to make hotel reservations and the like.

So, anyway...there is a parent at my school from Ireland who owns a B&B there. I need to speak with her and find out if I can get a room with their establishment before I make too many plans.

But my basic plan at the moment is:

Arrive in Dublin and stay for a few days checking out the city and what it has to offer. Rent a car and drive to the B&B (I think it's in County Cork somewhere) and make that my base for the remainder of my time. Since I'll have a car I can take day trips to Blarney Castle and Kiss the Blarney Stone (it apparently gives one the gift of gab - not sure I need more gab, but what the hell, right? -When in Rome and all...)

There are many things I'd like to see, but having a bit of a relaxing time is also on my mind. I'll have been in End Of The Year Mode at school for quite some time - as it's starting now - and then packing and shipping my things back home (or, again, wherever), and then saying goodbye to the many very dear people that I have met....I'm going to be EXHAUSTED!

At least going to Ireland should bring me some goodness....they speak English (I'll ignore the fact that they also speak Gaelic at the moment) and I'll be able to understand them! I won't have to stare at the lovely folks of Ireland with that I-have-no-idea-what-you-just-said-but-I'll-nod-as-if-I-did-understand look. It'll be I love Irish accents....they're so much fun!

Maybe I'll meet a lovely Irish man who will sweep me off my feet! Or maybe the man I want to travel with will come and meet me there....who knows....

But, the URGENT must see list of mine will be complete after Ireland. I'm excited to see this country. I've wanted to go ever since I found out I had a bit of Irish in my blood. Not enough to really amount to anything (1/16) but all the same, it's something and to be in the land that held some of my ancestors is kind of neat. Wish I knew where they hailed from. But....I don't have that information. I know that they immigrated during the potato famine to the South....that's all....but I'm not sure that it matters all that much. It will be a pleasure to have a chance to visit the country and see the beautiful countryside!


  1. I'm so jealous. I am dying to go to Ireland. I will one day!

  2. Ireland is my dream vacation. My husband is Irish and my grown sons are VERY proud of their Irish heritage. It is our dream to one day go as a family. One of my sons wants to be married there.

    Good for you. Think of me while you're there. (I know you don't know me, but when you see that beautiful Emerald green grass, breath in and say ,"This is for Sherri. Whoever she is."