Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pale, down, and out...

Yesterday began with me sniffling and feeling a bit poorly. I managed throughout the day, albeit with friends and co-workers telling me how pale I looked. By the end of the day I was so done. I had a headache, I felt hot, and I couldn't really concentrate on much. But...I had a "team meeting" to go to. I managed to stay for a few minutes to give the info we had to give and then I went to, once again, work on the yearbook.

I was so grumpy working on the yearbook. For one, I got up to the Library (Martine's domain) and she was trying to add a picture to her library portal or something...I'm not sure. But she wasn't "with" me on the yearbook stuff. So I got grumpy. I left my meeting to come up to her area where her team meets (and this team is dysfunctional - I didn't really want to listen to them) and she wasn't really ready to start working. I didn't want to stay too late working on the yearbook as I was thinking I should get some sub plans ready in case I didn't make it in today. Good forethought on my part - I DID stay home today.

So as we're working on stuff, I just get more grumpy and sluggish. We finish what we're doing and only have a few more things (literally) left to do on this yearbook and I make my way downstairs to my classroom to write up some lesson plans. I get that done and I can barely make it home. It's raining and gross. I'm done. I can tell I've got a fever and yet I have to keep going.

Once inside the sanctuary of my home I collapse on the couch with my warmed up leftover tacos and eat. This perks me up a bit. As it's 6pm and I never stay at school that late! I head to bed around 8.

This morning I wake up and hit snooze. Then I hit snooze again, and again, and yet again. Now normally I have a 1 snooze limit. I just couldn't get up. My body needed sleep and I just didn't think I should TRY to manage the day like I did yesterday. So I finally get up long enough to call my boss and let her know. Then I lay back down and fall asleep for about an hour. It was nice. When I finally get myself up out of bed, I feel better.

For the better part of the day I rested on the couch, or in bed, and then tooled around the apt washing dishes or taking a bath. I'm tired and I have a headache, but I don't feel like I did yesterday. I'm going to school tomorrow, so...I figure an early night will help and tomorrow I'll be feeling ten times better!

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  1. Oh gosh, feel better soon! I think we all can relate to that fog and sluggishness. You just gotta rest up and take good care of yourself. Sleep well!