Saturday, March 7, 2009

As the day wears on...

So...the day started out with all good intentions. I was ready to clean and do dishes (which, by the way, haven't been done in about a week save for the few items that were done just so I could eat off of them.) I hate not having a dishwasher. I also started out cleaning my bathroom and was ready to head down to the laundry room with at least one stack of clothes...haven't managed that yet.

What I did manage to do today, aside from the bathroom, was take a shower and walk down to the store to get some food for few dinners and breakfasts. I'm glad I've done that at the very least since I won't be able to shop tomorrow. (Stores are all closed in Germany on Sundays). Where this is a good idea on some's a very poor idea on other days. There are those few Sunday's where I wish I could just go down to the store and grab all the things I forgot to get on Saturday. But, alas, it cannot be.

I'm waiting for a friend to call me back to see where we'll end up for dinner tonight. Should be interesting. I haven't gone OUT for dinner in awhile. I tend to stay close to home lately. The weather hasn't been so great (although today the sun came out and that was so fabulous to see.) In the last two days it has been pissing down rain. Ugh! Why is Germany so rainy. If I wanted to spend all this time in the rain I would have moved to Seattle, which is one of my favorite cities!!! Oh well. Anyway, it's 5:45 and it's still light outside and that is a bonus. Can't wait for the flowers to pop out full of color!
Here's to a lazy Saturday....maybe Sunday won't be as lazy. Here's hoping!

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