Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Tis wonderful when you wake up on the weekend to find the sun shining! The sun has now been out for 3 days in a's a miracle! It may still be COLD but, I'll take it if the sun is going to remain!

I'm off, yet again, to school to work on the yearbook! Yippeeeeee! NOT! But, as we work a bit more each day, it becomes so close to being finished! I think Martine and I need to have one or two HUGE margaritas after this is done and over with.

As for what else is going on....the week was stressful and now it's over. THANK YOU! I am glad to have the weekend here. It's a good sign. And now that it's finally spring, and it looks like spring, I feel like things are looking up. I still have a lot to accomplish before the end of this month, but....I'm getting to it slowly but surely.

I have put out a few feelers for jobs this week as well. One in Monaco (boy it couldn't hurt to live on the Mediterranean, could it?) and one in Sydney. We'll see what comes of either one! They would both be fun. And where I really want to be home (or stateside, really) I also want to know that I have income coming in! It will all be sorted out soon enough, I'm sure - at least I hope so...

Well, have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the sun! I'm definitely going to enjoy it! Who knows how long it will stay.

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