Thursday, March 19, 2009

Calm Friday

Well, at least I'm hoping for a calm Friday. I have two prep periods today with a lunch in between, so....shouldn't be too horrible. It's been a long, and stressful week. Ok, actually only the last two days have been LONG and STRESSFUL!

It's yearbook stuff! I'm done with it! I'm fed up, and I don't want to continue. I'll give back the money if I could be allowed to just hand it over to someone else! But we're so tantalizingly close to be finished....I'll see it through. I promise!

As for the calmness that I am seeking today....the sun has shown itself today already at it's only 7am. Good sign!! My friend is putting on a Peter Pan Story time in the Library after school! Cute! And I'm looking forward to the weekend. All in all this should help in the calmness today!

Here's to a happy Friday for everyone! Enjoy!

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