Saturday, March 28, 2009

Locked out!

I spent the morning cleaning my kitchen...and I mean CLEANING!!! I used bleach...this is how clean I wanted my kitchen. My parents are coming to visit this coming Thursday so I was trying to get my major cleaning done today so that on Wed. I can just do a quick vacuum or so...

I finished my kitchen and realized how hungry I was. I didn't have any food - I had just cleaned out my fridge of all gross yucky food and there wasn't anything in the cupboards either. I decided to just head on down to the market to get the shopping done early. I grabbed my coat, and my purse, my umbrella, and my backback (you have to either bring your own bags to stores in Germany or you end up paying for them!) and left the apt. Now, I usually do a double check for my keys before my door is closed....I did the check AFTER my door clicked closed.

THANKFULLY, I gave my spare key to Martine. I called her and she was home (yes!) and so I made my way over to her house in the pouring rain instead of going to the store. I got there and the good friend that she is, invited me to have some lunch with her and her son. That was so great, as I was quite hungry. We ended up chatting a bit and just hanging for a little while.

She had to go and pick her daughter up from school and so she dropped me off at the market with my spare key in my hands....

I must say, it's a very smart idea to always have a good friend with a spare key. It has come in handy a few times, I must say!

So....thanks, Martini for having my back today!

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