Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Joy of Friday

I absolutely love Friday's. Let me tell you a few reasons why:

1. It signifies the weekend.
2. I have 2 preps with lunch in between (so basically I don't see my kids for about 2 1/2 hrs today - bliss *sigh*)
3. Frequently there is alcohol being served after school in the teacher's lounge to help us unwind from the week (you can't do this in the states!!) Supposedly some of our Irish parents are going to teach us how to make Irish Coffee the Irish way after school today - too bad I don't like coffee, maybe they'll let me just have the shot??

And today, so far, the sun is peeking out of a thin layer of cloud cover (my spirits are raised already because of that!). The rain has stopped so the kids get to go outside for recess today!Yippeeeeeeeeee! 19 first graders stuck inside all day is NOT a good thing!

Even though I have some homework to catch up with, and my apt needs to be cleaned this weekend, I'm looking forward to enjoying this Friday for what it will bring! At the moment it's definitely bringing me joy!

I hope that everyone out there has just as pleasant of a Friday as I hope to have! TGIF!

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