Sunday, March 8, 2009

Grace in Small Things...

I just found a great blog called Grace in Small Things. It's mostly to start looking at the small things in life and appreciating them. I thought I'd give it a whirl tonight as I started out the day with a bit of skepticism about the yearbook. So here it goes:

1. Our yearbook is tantalizingly close to being finished and that is something to celebrate. Working on throughout the year as opposed to waiting until now...was a smart decision.

2. My friends are a part of my family. I love each and everyone of them. Those that have come into my life recently and those that have been around for awhile.

3. The flowers are beginning to bloom here. I guess all the rain is a good thing because it helps grow those wonderfully magnificent flowers.

4. The sounds of the birds are music to my ears in the morning. It also shows how close we are to Spring! I cannot wait for the first official day!

5. I'm grateful for the consideration I'm being given for a teaching job I would love to have. I won't know for awhile yet, but...just being considered is very nice. are my 5 small things today. My goal is going to be to do this everyday. I think it will help me through some of the tough times yet to come.

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