Friday, March 13, 2009

Saturday Morning

A little poem to bring in the day...

On Saturday morning the weather was dull
The air was cold and the birds sat still
But all the colors surrounded my skull
And made me think of sharing some skill.

All around me there seemed to be quiet
Then a plane shot overhead and roared
No sighting of the plane in the dim light
But through the clouds it surely did soar.

Sleep was what I wanted today
But the world wanted me awake
for what I really cannot say
Become clear for goodness sake!

A list of items to be done
Is filling my mind right now
Twill be hard without the sun
To complete all with a bow!

Yawning, stretching, all in all,
I know that it will be okay
I would love to go out and hit a ball
But I cannot do that today.

So here I end to get to work
Upon that list that lingers
I will really try to not shirk
my jobs today with my fingers.

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