Tuesday, March 10, 2009

IM Chatting ettiquette

So...are you allowed to laugh out loud while having an IM chat with someone? Is it ok to spontaneously start clapping at something that was just good? Is equally ok to start snorting because of the laughter? If all the answer to those questions are NO, then I can tell you that I was very, very much out of order for about 20 minutes while chatting with a friend. We have lost touch over the years and always seem to find one another suddenly and usually when we need to have a few good laughs and some memories brought back to us.

Norma is a fabulous friend. I love her and I've missed her. We were chatting about what we're up to in our lives and what we remember about some things from high school. But it was great because the laughing I did was exactly what I needed. I hadn't laughed like that for quite some time. I'm so glad.

I'm sitting at home (alone) and I'm sure that my German neighbors were thinking, "There goes that crazy American, again." But...I don't care! I am glad that I got to laugh. The weather was horrible today. It's been pissing down rain since I woke up and it hasn't let up at all! I spent the entire day with 19 first graders stuck inside. UGH!!!

So...this bit of laughing was a much needed thing. Thank goodness for good friends who can always make you laugh. I am very grateful for that! And....laughter truly is the best medicine!

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  1. I am so with you on the laughing OUT LOUD. Nothing is better. It is seriously therapeutic, regardless the reason. There have been a few times I have busted up at my desk out loud. You can't take it back, but hey, maybe it makes someone else laugh, too, so in the end I think it's okay. Isn't the internet great? (at times) As much as I abhor computers, for a lot of reasons, there are truly some wonderful benefits!!!