Sunday, March 8, 2009

Friends and the yearbook

So, I love my friend Martine. We bonded very quickly upon arriving in Germany. We have loads of fun together and we are able to tell each other when we get on one another's nerves without getting too hurt. But...she talked me into doing the yearbook for our school this year (which by the way, I think is a load of crap to have for elementary school) and now we're in the final moments - I say final because that's what I'm hoping for - of putting this together.

It's Sunday, the clouds have swooped in, yet again, and the day is dreary. We're heading into school in a few hours to add more layouts and pictures to the yearbook. Oh what joy!!! (said very sarcastically!!!) Amazingly enough, Martine and I haven't had too many fights over this yearbook stuff. At the beginning there was a little discomfort and we sorted it out, and then a month later there was another little scuffle that we worked out. Now...I think we're both feeling the same thing, so there's no need to be upset with one another over anything to do with the yearbook.

On April 3rd, hopefully this will be least for a few weeks until we're informed of what we need to do in order to fix certain pages or whatever. Keep those fingers crossed!!!

So, onto waiting until Martine picks me to the world!!! We've said all along that if we make it through this (meaning the yearbook) and are still friends, then we'll be friends for the long haul! So far, it's looking like that might happen. Hopefully there are no scuffles between now and the end (of the yearbook, that is...).

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