Monday, July 5, 2010


Yeah!!! So, I'm super excited. I have a friend that I worked with in Germany coming to visit for a few weeks. She's coming from England. She's not been to much of the US so she's excited as well. It ought to be fun. She's a sweet girl, too! I'm looking forward to the reunion of sorts! Also, another friend will be in So. Cal. at the same time. She's back from Japan for the summer holiday. She and I were the first grade team. I'm really excited to hang with her for a bit.

It's a mini-reunion. I so needed this. I miss these folks so much! I wish more could come and visit as well! I'm trying to talk two of my other friends to come visit at around the same. One is in LA and the other is in VT. Not sure that it'll work out for them. But it'd be so sweet if it did!

I haven't been able to stop smiling since I got the news that Laura was going to come. She's being a bit spontaneous - her words - and it's going to be great fun!

I don't have the funds to travel this summer, but having people come'll be alright! It'll be almost as if I were traveling! I'll have the British accent in my house for two weeks! How fun is that! :)

Plus she'll celebrate her birthday while in the states!

I'm just so happy about these visitors that I could burst!!! Yippeee!!! I've actually jumped for joy a few times! How crazy is that??!! I've found myself walking around the house and spontaneously jumping up and down and clapping just because I'm uber excited to see these folks! I then think, "my neighbors must think I'm crazy!" But then I think, "Oh well! I don't care!"

Amazing how things work out!

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