Thursday, October 1, 2009

Couple Having a Conversation

Mama Kat and her great Writer's Workshop moments....

Okay, so this couple I think I will call....Christian, and Rebekah.

"Rebekah!!! Come on!!! I was just joking!"
"Walk the other way Christian! I mean it!"
Kissing her shoulder, Christian says, "But honey, I swear I didn't know that you would go out to the far, far corner of the yard to search for me!"
"Well the game WAS Hide-And-Go-Seek. You're supposed to look everywhere! No one told me there was poison ivy in the yard!"
"Yes, well, why would you think I was hiding back there? You can see from here that that I am not small enough to hide in the ivy."
"I know..." Rebekah sighed. "I wasn't actually looking for you over there."
"You weren't? Then...what were you doing over there?"
"I - I can't tell you! I'm embarrassed." Rebekah turned around and walked away again.
Christian followed and kissed her again on the shoulder. "Honey, you can tell me anything."
"Promise you won't laugh?"
"I promise I'll try. Is that ok?"
"Well, I supposed that is the best I can hope for!"
"Ok, so...what were you doing over there?"
"I was...I was...I was relieving myself! There! I said it!"
Trying to stiffle a chuckle, "Oh, my!!! Ok, so that is a bit embarrassing. But, it's ok. Just don't go into the corner of the yard again! I suppose that you can understand that now, though!!!"
"Yeah, I suppose I can. But....I just couldn't wait. Will you rub some calomine lotion on me, please?"
Raising his eyebrows, Christian said, "Yes indeed!" He embraced Rebekah again and they walked into the house together.

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