Monday, June 22, 2009

Knotted all up!

Ok, so I've had a crazy weekend....packing and cleaning and getting in "last" looks of my lovely German Village. I've been sad, happy, excited, and sad all over again. Now I'm waiting to see if I got the job I interviewed for last Monday. Sometimes I hate being on a 9 hour time difference!

I look at my email tummy is completely knotted up. I'm nervous. I hope that I got it. It would fill the rest of my summer with relief!

I guess I should just chill out and be patient. The last time I was feeling like this was when I was in London waiting to see if I got the 2nd interview. I ended up having a fairly prophetic dream....the principal telling me "Of course we want you to work for us!" Or it was something like that. I wonder if I should wait and see if I get another prophetic dream....UGH!!! I. Do. Not. Like. To. Wait. Patience is SOOOOOO not a virtue of mine. I keep hoping it will miraculously become a virtue but, alas, it hasn't happened. Although I suppose sometimes I'm more patient than I used to be.

So I decided to sit down and blog about this moment. I am hoping that I can say how happy I am tomorrow....Because hopefully I can say that I will have a job tomorrow.

Ok, so, I'm trying to have faith and think positively and all! I. Can. Do. This. Be patient that is. Or at the very least, I can try!

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  1. Hoping for good news so you can end your stay in Germany on a high note!!