Thursday, June 25, 2009

Keeping my mind off things

Or rather, I'm trying to. My apt is almost empty. It's weird. I was in it for two years and it was definitely home. Although it was always a temporary place, I felt comfy here. It's now a bit echo-y. So bizarre. I still haven't heard about the job...darn it! So...I'm trying to keep my mind busy on the remainder of things that I need to do. Clean, clean, clean, and, oh, did I mention clean? Yep, gotta get the apt cleaned. Everything will be out of my place on Sat. And then it will be painted as well. So, so, so weird. I can't believe this chapter is closing!

It was a beautiful day today too, and then a frickin' huge rain cloud, that came out of nowhere, just burst open for like 15 minutes. I'm ready to go back to the desert. Sunny and HOT daily! No thoughts about what the weather will be like from one minute to the next - you know it will be sunny and hot!

My friend Martine is supposed to be coming over soon. We're gonna have a glass or two of wine. It'll be good. We haven't seen each other since last Friday. And now I've only got 5 more days before i have to say goodbye to her. It's all so sad.

Ok, so how do you keep your mind busy? My mind just keeps going back to what is or isn't happening....job? no job? what is it? I just wish I knew already! But....patience they say is a I don't possess, but...I'm trying hard to acquire it!

I guess I should be thinking....Ireland, Ireland, Ireland....only 5 more days and I'll be in Ireland and starting a cool new traveling adventure....all by myself....but that might be a good thing....time to reflect and think about things and life and stuff.

So, I'll leave this on that good note....planning for my trip through Ireland. Friendly people, good scenery, and a fab accent!

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  1. I would be very excited for Ireland, I hope and pray that someday I can get there! Hope you take lots of pictures to share!

    I understand the sadness you feel leaving the apartment. My husband and I just moved and I had been in that place for 4 years! It's kinda sad.

    Have a wonderful trip! I will be gone for 4 days so you'll be almost on your way!