Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Home ownership

Ok, so sometimes being a homeowner really bites the big one! My A/C was acting up the other day. It was emitting some smoke into my house. NOT GOOD! I promptly turned it off and checked to see what was up. I couldn't find anything. I got the smoke aired out. The smell was rancid. I then turned off the A/C for the night. Luckily the temp was comfy enough to have the windows open that night. Then I turned on the A/C yesterday thnking....ok, well maybe it'll be fine now. It was for awhile. But then I went to the store and when I came back there was that horrible smell again. I called someone!

They came today. Checked me out. Apparently the A/C unit is 30 years old (the bloody original unit that was put in the condo) and it where the condensation is supposed to go...it's not. The plate or whatever is all rusted through now and so the condensation is running down to the fan. Which is why the smoke and smell! Ugh!!!

So...the plus side is that I might have a little less energy being used by getting the new unit put in. And there is a lifetime warranty...whose though? Mine? The guy that sold it to me? Whatever. But the guys can come and tear out my old unit and put in a new one today...TODAY! Thankfully the temps outside are reasonable lately. The downside is the pice tag that comes along with this new unit.

But I suppose that it's a good thing all in all. The unit DOES need to be updated and hopefully it'll be better and all. I guess that I'll just have to wait and see.

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