Monday, August 10, 2009

What to do, what to do?

So I'm sitting at home and I haven't's 11:15 am....and I'm just, I don't know, waiting for my future to present itself I guess. I keep getting phone calls, on my cell phone, from people I don't know. I look up the numbers and they've ranged from New Jersey to Colorado, to Arizona. I don't know anyone who lives in those states. Well, I do know a few people who live in Colorado, but they don't have my number and I don't have theirs. Plus these folks never leave a message. So I'm thinking....telemarketers! Not gonna waste minutes on my phone for that nonsense!

I keep looking for teaching jobs, but I am also looking at the classifieds for other positions out there. Might just need to do something different in order to get a paycheck coming my way.

Woke up this morning and my eyes were all puffy. It's like I had cried all night long (I hadn't by the way). I don't know what the deal is. I ice-packed my eyes and it's a bit better. I just don't understand it. Weird.

Anyway, I hope that this week proves to be positive and great! Here's hoping in any case. Maybe I should get on my few kid books that I've written and edit and whatnot and maybe try my luck and actually send them out to people. What could it hurt, right? Rejection isn't that bad is it??? Who am I kidding, I would be devastated, but....maybe I wouldn't be rejected. Anyway....we'll see what I do. I still need to unpack my house. I've been such a procrastinator on that part. Ugh!


  1. It's hard to feel motivated when you're not getting the responses you're working for. Just keep trying...something will come up!

  2. Well, I can relate to the whole not unpacking thing...except we've been here for 2 months now! I still have unpacked boxes (mostly of junk that needs to go) just thrown into closets!

    Hoping that your wait is well worth it and the perfect position comes up for you.

    You definitely should submit those books if they are done! Rejection can be good sometimes!