Sunday, December 6, 2009

Grief comes - but the heart will survive!

Grief over a break-up is so darn rough! I hate the way I still feel sad! I guess it's harder to lose someone that you truly love....Anyway, I'm starting to move forward. I'm looking to move overseas again. I'm going to see where the wind will blow me! I'm looking at Scotland right now, but if the school in Paris has openings and wants me...I'd move in less than a heartbeat!

I have a friend who is looking at doing this, too. We talked about how it would be interesting if we were able to work at the same school. Anyway - grief and saddness makes you do so many different things. I guess it was a good thing to come home. I now know that the man I fell in love with is incapable of giving me more (you know, commitment!) And so now I can move forward and go on with life. It's still hard! I have my nights where I just cry...I hate that, but I guess it's a necessary thing to know that my heart is still able to love....I've not shut it least I'm trying not to do so....

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  1. Sorry to hear about the break-up, they are bittersweet for sure. Exciting that you may be moving overseas's nice to know the sky is the limit for you with no ties at least! Hope you feel better soon and the days and nights get easier.

    God bless!